Tuesday, 26 October 2010

White Wine Gravy

I never thought I would see the day when I cooked a full-on Roast Chicken dinner just to test out a recipe for a gravy !!

But White Wine Gravy is the first recipe in my challenge to cook my way through the entire Good Housekeeping Cook Book.

Was it worth it ?   Oh Yes !!!!

I always thought a gravy's purpose was to take away the dryness and blandness of your meat and vegetables. I never considered it to be anything more. But this gravy ended up being the jewel in the crown, an additional ingredient in itself, binding together and complementing the meat and vegetables in a fantastic way.

There was a lovely fruitiness to the sauce from the jelly and the wine, and it was so thick and silky in body I just had to pour a second helping over. 

This gravy would also be amazing with pork, turkey, or any other similar type meats.  It is definitely being added to my Xmas dinner list.

Roll on the next savoury sauce on my mission - Rich Red Wine Gravy

Serves 4 People

2 Tbsp Plain Flour
250ml Chicken Stock
75ml Dry White Wine
1 Tbsp Redcurrant Jelly
Salt and Ground Black Pepper

1. When chicken is cooked, skim the fat from the juices in the roasting tin.
2. In a bowl mix 2 Tbsp of the juices with the flour to make a paste.
3. Add the stock, wine and jelly to the roasting tin, and scrape the tin base with a wooden spoon, and mix
4. Pour into a pan, whisk in the flour, and bring to a simmer for 5 to 10 minutes.
5. Season with salt and pepper, and pour into your serving jug

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