About This Blog

I became inspired to learn about cooking in 2005 after watching Jamie Oliver's School Dinners TV series, where he made it his mission to improve the quality of school dinners for the nation’s kids, in the process educating them on what foods are healthy, and why you should limit your intake of junk food. This created a mini-revolution in my own head, and I aspired to do for my own family what Jamie set out to do for the nation as a whole.

At that time my culinary skills didn’t extend much beyond cooking a fry-up, or conjuring up a basic curry, with a watery curry-powdered liquid mascarading as a sauce. The purchase of my first cookery book Jamie's Dinners in 2005 was a powerful catalyst, opening the door into a new and exciting world.

I soon began to buy more cookery books...and more... and more...! I began to explore a wide range of cuisines – Thai, Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish. More recently, I have begun to explore the fabulous range of Vietnamese recipes available withVietnamese Food.

I have taken Jamie's philosophy to heart and am always ready to educate (nag) my kids on the benefits of a balanced diet. It's tough work , frustrating, but does have its rewards.

I have also, for the first time ever, grown my own veg this year - tomatoes, potatoes, baby salad leaves, carrots, cabbage, peas, and spring onions. It was a case of plant the seeds and watch what grows.

My blog is charting my attempts to put my passion into practice while keeping one eye on the finances. It is amazing what excellent food can be produced for all the family to enjoy on a low budget, as many of my recipes demonstrate. Many prove a family of 2.4 children can be adequately fed for less than the cost of a pint of beer!

My blog is in it infancy so will experience a few changes, no doubt, as I acquaint myself to this new world of blogging. I hope you stay with me, dipping in and out of my world at your leisure. I sincerely would be interested to hear from my fellow cooks.

After discovering and abandoning many philosophies in pursuit of the holy grail I am now just doing in life what makes me happy, and one of those things is cooking. Will it take me anywhere ? Journalism, becoming a chef, meeting Mr Oliver himself ! Who knows. That is what makes it so exciting. I have already made the first step, changing the world within myself. Anything else will be a bonus.