Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ciabatta Burgers

I'm really treating myself tonight. Following my delicious home-made Carrot Soup, I am having Beefburgers and crispy, warm ciabatta bread.

I love to make my own burgers as I never make them the same way twice - whatever catches my eye in the store cupboard I will add. Today I have opted for some good old English mustard to give the meat a real kick with a capital K. Casting an eye in the fridge I spy a thumb sized chunk of parmesan cheese. Immediately I have the makings of a real tasty feast.

You could just as easily feed a family of four/five with this recipe, possible adding some potato wedges with your meal. This would reduce cost per serving to well under £1.

Serves 2
Cost Per Individual Serving (2 1/2 burgers each)   £1.10

225g Beef Mince   £0.75
1 slice white bread, blitzed to breadcrumbs   approx £0.05
1/3 beaten egg   £0.16
1/4 Onion, finely chopped   £0.04
1/2 heaped Tsp English Mustard (more if prefer stronger taste)
Thumb nail sized piece of Parmesan, grated (or any other cheese)
Sea Salt and Ground Black Pepper to season
4 Ciabatta Rolls   £1.19

1. Gently fry onion for a few minutes until soft and translucent. Leave to cool
2. Put mince into a large bowl; add onions, breadcrumbs, mustard, cheese, and egg. Season well
3. Shape into preferred size burgers - I made 5 medium sized ones
4. Put on greaseproof paper and place in fridge for an hour or so
5. Heat oven for ciabattas and heat hob with griddle pan on top to medium-high
6. Cook ciabatta to pack instructions - usually 6-8 min
7. Place burgers on griddle and cook 5-6 min each side until nicely cooked
8. Place in ciabatta breads and add preferred salads, and sauce

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