Thursday, 15 September 2011

New Novel Coming Soon!

Please check out my (developing) website devoted to my debut novel, due to be published in November 2011.

It will also be available on Kindle format hopefully sometime in October.

The novel is titled 'Two Rubber Souls' and further info can be found at
It is a bitter-sweet portrayal of a year in the life of a 14yr old boy in 1980s England. If you can recall the days of school discos and first love with a degree of nostalgia, and have an interest in 80s music, then this may be of interest to you. It also features a fictionalised Barry Manilow in the guise of a kind of agony aunt figure!

If you are a facebook member please look up the page there and add it as a favourite. You may just earn yourself a free copy if you do as I will have some giveaways nearer Xmas.

It will be available at both,, as well as, and other good booksellers. Please order from your library if you do not wish to part with your hard-earned money, or I will have an initial limited number of copies available at below Amazon prices.

Thank you.