Saturday, 28 February 2015

Hake Mediterranean Bake

The first signs of a long dark British winter beginning to recede are distinctly in the air this Saturday lunchtime - a pleasant sun in the sky, mild temperatures, birds busy in the garden, and sprouting bulbs in the garden.

At the moment I am on a slight mission to lose a little weight - nearly half a stone in two weeks to date - and I wanted a lunch this Saturday that was quick to prepare and cook, low in calories, and tasty.

A quick glance through my cupboards, fridge and freezer inspired me to come up with something from initial conception to plate in just over 30 minutes.

The ingredients by themselves looked uninspiring, but combined together exceeded my wildest expectations. The sweet sauce of the tomatoes and the kick from the paprika really elevates this meal. The final bonus is that, with a frozen portion of hake coming in at only 75p, the whole lunch comes in at a few pence over £1. Fantastic!

1 frozen hake portion (any white fish would work equally as well)
6 cherry tomatoes
1 tomato, quartered
small handful sliced frozen mixed peppers
2 slices red onion, chopped
hot paprika
olive oil
salad leaves, handful

1. Heat oven to 200C (follow packet cooking instructions for guidance)
2. Place fish into oven-proof dish
3. Add the vegetables to the dish
4. Sprinkle fish to taste with hot paprika, drizzle over a tiny amount of olive oil and place in oven for approx. 25min
5. When fish is cooked through serve up with some salad leaves on the side, drizzling those lovely sweet tomato juices over the fish.

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